A “like” is not enough

A “like” is not enough
A “like” is not enough
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Social media websites experience a constant state of daily mobility and interaction on public and private issues.

Yet ironically the very same people so willing to occupy the web are reluctant to engage in any sort of public political life.

The global concept of “public work and political participation” has been shortened into “online activity” as an alternative. Nowadays, it is enough to defend a particular case by “liking” a page on Facebook.

It is disturbing that while the youth capacity in Jordan constitutes 60% of the population, and most of them are inactive. They appear unprovoked by a struggling economy and a regional turmoil, preferring to stay at home than to participate in political life.

At the same time, it must be noted that the reluctance in the majority does not mean a frustrated political position due to the absence of traditional ideologies nor does it mean the weakening of the influence of varying parties and the absence of political leaders. Rather this absence of political awareness can be explained through systematic reasons, the most important of which is a school curriculum that has failed to instill the concepts of citizenship and the rule of law.

These factors have distorted the concept of political participation in society and have restricted it in only two trends. The first is the extremist religious trend and its social institutions that do not accept common factors with one another but instead works to abolish them.

The second is in the form of repulsive human groups that have their own concept of "loyalty and subordination" feeling and announcing their presence only when it comes to national holidays and football matches.

The third is in the form of hundreds, even thousands, of enlightened youth, who are instinctively aware of a defect, and feel compelled to work and integrate into society in order to participate in change and decision-making that affects their lives on a daily basis, for example, laws, legislations and the participation of our armed forces in war.

Existing also are other groups of young people eager to participate but whom are held hostage to a previous harsh political experience or an absolutely radical conviction in the futility of participation.

It is time for all the social and political forces to organize individual social elites who have the will and desire to change but are stuck in a state of intellectual disturbance because of what is going on around us, to discuss matters with other elites who preferred not to participate. In order to work in groups that are not necessarily political parties and contribute to identify the needs of people and society by proposing solutions and methods to address the problems.

Active participation in public and political life is no longer a luxury for a group of politicians and intellectuals to occupy their free time, but it is a national duty for everyone who has the vision and the will to reform and change so that the country does not fall into the hands of the beneficiaries and the privileged.

 published on November 23rd 2017

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