Absent questions about extremism

Absent questions about extremism
Absent questions about extremism
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I begin with a simple question that might seem to some as an oversimplification of a complicated case or naiveté that has no place. The question after Jordan joined the anti-international coalition and after the fall of our pilot turned martyr Moath Kassabeh by DAESH and in a low level heinous way of his assassination.


Who got us to this point?

Is it our current government or Daesh itself or is it a series of issues that have been evolving over years inside our own society, in our official institutions, our religious and educational organizations and our security forced. What about the religious extremism taught in schools and spoken pulpits? This education is creation various kinds of Daesh even though it is based on human text that are based on intolerance and a monopoly of thoughts to only one idea that is considered sacred and thus it is being used against all Moslems let alone non Muslims.


All these headlines including those who have taken responsibility have in a way launched a war on us- civil society- with its numerous particulars and which is a believer in the constitution as the unifying contract between all citizens in terms of rights and responsibilities. Those therefore have turned their back to the constitutions divided our social fabric and planted mines of partition and thus have declared war on us as a society.


Daesh didn’t fall on us from an unknown planet. It was born from within us as a stream of thinking. Our children born two decades ago are its soldiers because they are the product of the learning that they were fed by an educational system that was intentionally planned by a political/religious side since the 1970s that aims to destroy anything resembling a proper “scientific” education.


In all honesty the current rejection of terrorism and takfir as an official policy of the government is not worth a single drop of blood of an anonymous person who was the victim of the previous policy. The current announcement is an absurd statement so long as the silence continues regarding the root ideological causes of this takfiri thinking.


Books that include religious interpretation (which seems to be the reference point to Daesh and others) should be read as human effort that is fallible. Religious heritage books are also not religion and not the sole source of the truth. It is a combination of different points of view to a text that everyone agrees to namely the Quran whose text and text alone can be looked at in terms of absolutes.


And now who started the war on whom? And from where do we begin the real war against terrorism and extremism if we genuinely want peace for our community, the dignity of our citizens and the safety of the homeland so that we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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