Canada supports Syrian radio program in Jordan

Canada supports Syrian radio program in Jordan
Canada supports Syrian radio program in Jordan
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The Embassy of Canada will be supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan through a radio training and broadcast program.



The Ambassador of Canada, H.E. Peter MacDougall signed  Thursday a grant to Community Media Network (CMN) committing 30,000 Canadian dollars to a program aimed at training Syrian journalists and the production of broadcasts aimed at Syrians living in Jordan.



The funds will train 10 Syrian refugees in journalistic skills. Working with Jordanian colleagues, they will produce forty segments on Syrians for CMN's Among Us radio program.



Christopher Hull, Political Counsellor at the Embassy of Canada said that “Canada is proud to partner with the Community Media Network to build the capacity of Syrian journalists in Jordan and develop programs aimed Syrian and Jordanian audiences in Jordan. Freedom of expression is important for all.”



Daoud Kuttab director general of the Community Media Network said that he is happy that the 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Jordan will have a voice to speak about their situation, their challenges and their aspirations. "It is important that Syrian refugees are able to express themselves these days as funding for refugees dwindles in the expectation that they will return which they will not and thus their situation is going to be very difficult."



Syrians Among Us began in 2014 and has provided journalistic training to over 75 Syrian refugees and has produced over 100 segments of the ten-minute daily radio program aired on Radio al Balad and rebroadcast on a number of Jordanian radio stations.

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