Facebook occupation

Facebook occupation
Facebook occupation
الرابط المختصر

The religious occupation that forces its hegemony on laws, on streets is expanding. It dominates official and private circles, universities, bridges and electric pilons and every aspect of the public life. It is expanding in the public sphere of social media as well and is trying to force it to obey its language and outlook.


Electronic armies well-armed with all equipment for intellectual terror is poised to fight any blogging effort that opposes this new occupation. It has practical abilities to hack pages, escalate complains aimed at blocking content not to its liking.


In the background is an opportunism that takes advantage of neutral religiosity which is at peace with society. This is done by way of inciteful and deceitful propaganda which raises the level of fierce recruitment efforts against a particular article or opinion that attacks those who trade in religion. This done by ferocious attacks against the author, their colleagues, the way they look, their institutions turning them to offenders of religion thus silencing any discussion.


All this fits into the goal of full occupation of land and electronic space in addition to character assassination or assassination of the person and inserting them into legal battles that benefit from the legislative environment that opposes any offense to religions. This follows the religiosity of the institute itself and the surrender to those carrying the “religious legitimacy” with total misery and schizophrenia.


In Jordan, the attempts to occupy Facebook continues from the organizations of political Islam and their election allies as well as their popular base. The campaigns are focuses on any critical content. Every photo, image, or video clip is attacked with the aim of chocking freedom to make it a dry space full with a chilling effect aimed at terrorizing bloggers. The attackers are well funded and productive.


An example of this religious occupation of Facebook confronts a young woman in athletic clothes brings comments, snide remarks then curses as a whore and then attacks on her personal mail and a screen shot of her page is taken and circulated. She will not escape no matter how much technical protection she has implemented on her account because there will be someone who will believe he is become closer to his religion and lord. No sense in asking the question of the legitimacy of the weapons used to attack the dignity and morality!


In a country that depends on tourism revenue with plenty of licensed stores that sell alcohol and which has a good alcohol business, the idea of writing about drinking alcohol is treated as publicizing sin. If win is mentioned in an article even if a passing remark, the term “debauchery and immorality” are tagged to the writer. Similarly, if a woman appears in a dress in a private party or a video clip shows males and females dancing together, or a musical concert at the southern Jarash stadium. Also attacked is an opinion aimed at destroying the symbols of political Islam or Salafists, and satellite preachers in this bleak part of the earth where this space is robbed by attacks of prohibition and occupation.


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