Oreiqat: holy Jerusalem sites will only be under the guardianship of king Abdullah

الرابط المختصر

Secretary of the executive committee of the PLO, Mr. Saeb Oreiqat, has confirmed that the holy sites in jerusalem will only and solely be under the guardianship of his highness king Abdullah the second and that only he will decide that jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine.

I addition, Mr. Oreiqat has also complimented the highly-regarded efforts and achievements of King Abdullah to preserve Jerusalem’s sites for the Palestinians and confirming a clear stance on trump’s “deal of the century” by sending a clear message that says” NO WE WILL NOT SELL JERUSALEM “

Furthermore, Oreiqat has explained that the US president’s so-called “deal of the century” is only a complete copy of president Netanyahu’s plans and an official declaration of the united states’ international charters and agreements.

And he added that the united states’ plan is only a copycat of Netanyahu’s requests that he has been offering since 2011, and that the united states has brought nothing new to the table.

Oreiqat also stressed that this new plan is considered nothing but a US war crime and that the Palestinians have all been united now under one front and will, very soon, send a delegation to the international criminal court and the security council. He also added that the PLO now will not attend any meetings if the US will be a part of, stressing out that “our position is consistent just as Jordan’s position, which is based on both peace and legitimacy of the Palestinian people”

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