Private Parliamentary Session seeks to remove MP Al-Sharif (video)

Private Parliamentary Session seeks to remove MP Al-Sharif (video)
Private Parliamentary Session seeks to remove MP Al-Sharif (video)
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A source that preferred to remain anonymous said that MP Talal Al-Sharif would be released from Parliament and sent to public prosecution for firing an AK-47 on fellow MP Qusay Al-Damisah.

The source explained to AmmanNet that the incident does not a complaint from MP Al-Damisah declaring that the incident is “a flagrant crime.”

MP Talal Al-Sharif opened fire on MP Qusay Al-Damisah with a Kalashnikov in the House of Representatives on Tuesday without injuring Al-Damisah.

The House of Representatives was discussing interior reform when a single bullet sounded in the gallery, followed by a minute of silence, then havoc and parliamentary chaos.

The Parliament is holding a private session to discuss legal and Constitution-based removal of MP Al-Sharif from the Parliament.

Al-Sharif had entered the Parliament meeting room after firing the shot, which led to chaos as representatives screamed in Al-Sharif’s face, “Get out, get out!”

Chairman of the Parliament Saad Al-Saroor pledged after the end of the session to meet with the King and ask him to include this issue in the special parliamentary session.

In the meantime, a commission of inquiry is being held in expectation that the issue of MP Talal al-Sharif’s removal will be discussed in a special parliamentary vote.

Gendarmarie are standing guard in front of the House of Representatives’ main gates.

MP Mohammed Al-Qatatishah said, “If armed gunmen come to the Parliament they must be expelled and referred to the courts.”

The head of the House of Representatives Saad Hayal Al-Saroor said, “This is a crime against the Parliament, whatever the reason or motive. There is no justification in the world for an MP to carry weapons and use them.” He called representatives to quietly discuss legal and constitutional action against the shooter and for the Parliament’s honor.

MP Al-Sharif threatened Al-Damisah during a session last Monday after a parliamentary brawl. Sharif said to Al-Damisah at that time, “Watch our or I will resort to arms.”

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