Syrians and Jordanians trained in radio skills

Syrians and Jordanians trained in radio skills
Syrians and Jordanians trained in radio skills
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 Seven Syrians and three Jordanians concluded Tuesday a five-day radio skills training program at Community Media Network. The program funded by the Canadian government aims to empower Syrian refugees working with Jordanian colleagues to report on issues of concern to Syrians in Jordan.



Daoud Kuttab director General of the Community Media Network told the Syrians that they need to use this medium to tell stories about the lives of their people. “We want you to tell your people’s challenges and aspirations in a professional way that adheres to the highest journalistic standards of accuracy and balance.” Kuttab said that Jordanian journalists will work with their colleagues to overcome any problems that they might face in their pursuit of reports and government reactions to them.



Christopher Hull, Political Counselor at the Embassy of Canada in Jordan said that the Embassy is proud to support this program and looks forward to hearing the stories that the newly trained journalists will tell. He told the trainees, “You are telling human interest stories that need to be told, stories about the daily lives and struggles of Syrian refugees in a world where other crises compete for attention.”




The Syrian journalists audio reports will be broadcast on “Syrians among us” a daily radio program that  will be broadcast of Radio al Balad and available to Syrian refugee communities. The program available on  and on social media with the aim of giving a voice to the voiceless Syrian refugees and tells the stories of their daily challenges in Jordan.


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