Towards full citizenship

Towards full citizenship
Towards full citizenship
الرابط المختصر

A study about the impact of religious affiliation on exercising civil rights and religious freedoms


Prepared by:

Mohammed Al-Musa, PhD.  & Taghreed Aldoghmi, Lawyer


Monitoring Team:

Hadeel Salih Albes, Shadin Abu Alhaija, Mohammed Basheer Shamma


The Advisory Board and Study Review

Asma Khader, Lawyer Hamdi Murad, PhD in Islamic Studies

Talib Al-saqaf, Human Rights Lawyer and Expert, Ayman Halseh,

Jeryiss Habash, Human Rights Activist, Mohammed Omar, Writer,

Noor Al-Emam, Lawyer, Ibrahim Gharaibeh, Writer


arabic virsion: here

Toward Full Citizenship- translated into English

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