When Wahbism fights terror

When Wahbism fights terror
When Wahbism fights terror
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Saudi media lies when it suggests to some of its writers to criticize Bandar Khubeiri who said a few days ago that the “earth is stable and doesn’t rotate on itself.” Writers were asked to point out that he is not reflective of the institutions and the culture of Saudia Arabia while in fact he is one of the employees of the Islamic Affairs ministry in Madina. The newspaper archives prove that he spoke a month ago in the city of Sakkak as part of his regular rounds between Saudi governorates. This in addition to his visits outside to circulate his ideas.


Some say that the world should ridicule these individuals in passing and that making fun of them should not be reflective of the country they belong to or the idea itself. But the reality is that there are religious texts that were created with a mix of hatred and backwardness and no one is allowed to get close to it or challenge it in Saudia Arabia or anywhere else under Saudi influence throughout the world.


Official religious organization and schools of Islamic Sharia  all follow the guidance to participate in the conference entitled Islam and fighting terror which began in Mecca Sunday February 22nd organized by the Conference on Islamic States and will be attended by Khubeir and others like him. The goal is one goal namely to exonerate Wahibism and the country hosting it from the accusation of terrorism. They will use a mechanism that is well known in its content and price. This methodology will focus on proving that the reference points of this ideology was badly misused and misinterpreted by DAESH (ISIS) and others like them who have been or will be considered by the international community as “terrorist.”

Saudi Arabia insists on fighting terrorism in its conference and has a workshop about the application of Islamic Sharia and Islamic good governance using its experience of over 100 years in which it has expropriated freedoms and all opposing ideas.


Those looking into ‘good governance’ issues will be surprised to learn that the Saudi religious establishment has ousted even the followers of Hanafi, Shafieh and Malki Islamic doctrines and followers. At the same time it has supported Salfi Jihadist across the world through religious texts and interpretations as well as money and media. This support aims to strengthen its American allies starting in Afghanistan. They only stopped such support to any of these groups whenever the Americans have asked them to.


The conference main speaker is Dr. Mohamamd Ben Ibrhaim Saidi the professor of Islamic jurisprudence in Um Al Qura who will soon enter the Genuis world book of records for the high number of tweets he has made most of them in defence of Saudi Arabia as the only country in Islamic history which “is based on the stubbornness of monotheism.”


Previous differences with Ottomans, Ayyoubis, Ummawis and Abbasis and others were based on tribalism according to him. Saidi is described as a “moderate” sheikh but his moderation doesn’t prevent him from considering on his website Christians and Jews to be apostates. His arguments are also focused on the need for all Islamic doctrines to admit that their unfairness to Wahibishm before the latter will forgive them and remove them from the takfiri [apostate] circle.

Saidi and wahibis like him refuse any review or discussion of the 16 volume book “Sunni Pearls” which includes fatwas, and interpretations by Mohammad Ben Abdel Wahab and other thinkers of  Najad. Anyone who thinks of questioning these volumes and anyone like Daesh who claims to be applying it is considered apostate. This brings us to the core of Wahabism which is that they only accept the interpretation of the texts that fit their interests. All others must accept its texts and interpretations without argument or counter points of view.

With such a limit on interpretation of the text, the presence of Islamic thinkers who are viewed as “enlightening” like Radwan Al Said, is only a symbolic presence and is akin to the presence of research centers and civil society activists arriving from Islamic countries to white wash the Kingdom and its wahabism.


For the sake of objectivity and integrity, this conference will not be a dangerous precedence. History teaches us that the ulama of al Azhar were divided among themselves when Ibrahim Pasha supported them in their effort to try and eliminate the Al Sud family 200 years ago. Arab and Azhari religious leaders supported the wahabi efforts to consider some Arab tribes to be apostates in order to create the Saudi kingdom for the third time in history.


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