Jordanian business man deceives a Russian investor
Case is causing friction between the two countries Special to AmmanNet /Radio al Balad Real Estate agent, Engineer Anwar Oweidy Abadi was surprised at the end of October 2018 to find a check with his
International astronomy centre announces ramadan
The islamic crescent observation project, which is maintained by the international astronomical centre, has announced that next monday, 6th of may, would be officially the first day of Ramadan. The
Municipality of Amman removes an iron gate in Shmeisani
Greater muncipality of Amman removed an iron gate on sunday, which was placed in a sub street infront of the shmeisani's security centre by one of the muncipality members, after receiving several
Jordan’s Baptists Support Hashemite Custodianship and denounce Christian Zionists
The leader of Jordan’s Baptists has publicly supported the Hashemite Custodianship of Jerusalem’s holy places and has denounced Christian Zionists. Reverend Suheil Madanat president of the Jordan
No Country for Palestinians
The Israeli general election should have given Israelis an opportunity to choose between war and peace. Instead, Israelis will have a choice between war and more war, between occupation and more
AmmanNet exclusive: U.S. Peace Plan is 60 pages long
Washington- The American peace plan that is expected to be made public after the 9th of April Israeli elections is reportedly made up of sixty pages. Reliable media sources in the US capital told
King Abdullah stands strong on Jerusalem
It's unusual for senior politicians to speak in absolutes. They normally qualify their statements, leaving themselves an escape in case circumstances change. But what happened in the industrial
Empowering Civil Society through Community Media
A regional conference held in Amman February 18, & 19, 2019 witnessed over 150 participants from all Jordanian governorates, Palestine, Yemen, United Kingdom and Belgium. The conference was held under
Empowering Civil Society in Jordan through Community Media
based Community Media Network (CMN) will host a unique, regional conference on Monday aimed at empowering civil society as well as media and facilitate the work of community media and its role in
Mosaic radio program featuring Jordan’s pluralism
On the folkloric music, and wearing their national customus and serving their popular foods, three Jordanian ethnic groups (Circassians, Chechnyans and Kurds) celebrated Tuesday Febr 12 th their